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Sir YK Pao Studio

Photo of Sir YK Pao Studio



  • Multi-purpose function room and without permanent seating plan


  • Studio stage; flat floor
  • Floor surface - polished timber

Floor Area

  • 210 square meters (19.5m W x 10.8m D)

Permanent Attachment

  • Equipped with wall mirrors
  • Two glass walls fitted with roller blinds and doors exit to balcony
  • Sloping roof with insulated glass, max slope height 6.5m from stage floor

Get In

  • Minimum dimensions 0.9m W x 2m H x 1.5m D through hall elevator access(max. loading: 900kg or 12 person)

Stage Equipment

  • Selectable platform height: 0.2m, 0.4m or 0.6m, skirting and step can be provided
  • 10' step ladder x 1


Sir YK Pao Studio Technical Drawing

Sir YK Pao Studio Technical Drawing
(PDF) / (CAD)
#for reference only, request on-site measurement for your precision needs

Sir YK Pao Studio General Information

Sir YK Pao Studio Venue Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.