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Interstage Panther Chan Orange & Blue Concert

Interstage Panther Chan Orange & Blue Concert

Music Concert

01 June - 31 July 202120:00

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : HK$200 ‖ HK$120

School / Department : School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Category : Academy Events

Interstage is a concert production conceived by the students from The School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts. Interstage is a platform for our students to work together with local musicians and artists to explore possibilities in music, theatre and entertainment arts.


We are thrilled to have Panther Chan, a Hong Kong singer-songwriter in this collaborative project, led by Hong Ka Chun, an experienced concert producer. The concert rides on theme of ‘Orange and Blue’ --- the change of colour in the sky from dusk till dawn. A journey to take the audience with faith, into an unknown future through the dark night.


With the use of lighting, projection, video and sound, audience will be taken to an immersive stage of campfire party. We are all looking for the venturesome creation by TEA students and Panther. Let’s wait and see!