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EDB Applied Learning Courses

EDB Applied Learning Courses


Supporting the development of arts education in Hong Kong, the Academy works collaboratively with the Education Bureau to offer three specially designed Applied Learning Courses (ApL) in drama, dance and Cantonese opera as part of the new senior secondary curriculum to students at school. The courses aim at enabling students to understand fundamental concepts and theories through application and practice, and to develop their generic skills in a performing arts context. ApL students will be prepared for further studies as well as for lifelong learning through the development of foundation skills, thinking skills, people skills, values and attitudes and career-related competencies embedded in the programmes.

These courses are introductory courses about the art forms of dance, theatre and Cantonese opera, and are for Form 5 students who are interested in full-time professional training at the Academy after completing secondary school. Auditions for respective full-time programme are required. An "Attained" Level of an Academy-regulated ApL course is recognized as one Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) subject at Level 2, subject to other riders such as language requirements.

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Course Information

Taking a Chance on Dance 
The Essentials of Dramatic Arts 
Introduction to Cantonese Opera
Programme Leaflet  

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