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Visiting Students Programme

The School of Music each year invites a small number of talented students of advanced standards in performance or composition to become Visiting Students at the Academy. This programme is only for local students. Visiting Students should normally be enrolled in, or have graduated from, a recognised institution at a first degree, or professional diploma, or equivalent level. A Visiting Student must be nominated by the appropriate Head of Department, endorsed by the Dean of Music, and approved by the School Board. A Visiting Student undertakes lessons in the Major Study and participates in Performance or Professional Activities, as well as any other courses deemed necessary by the School of Music. These studies will not lead to an academic award, but the student is eligible for Academic Progress Report, Transcript and Certificate of Attendance. Visiting Students will enjoy the same privileges as regular students in respect of Library and practice room facilities in the School of Music. The minimum registration period for a Visiting Student is one semester. A student is normally registered for one academic year. A new application is required if he/she intends to study for another year. Visiting Students are required to comply with the School of Music General and Academic Regulations.

The selection process is normally completed by the end of August. Successful applicants will receive individual notifications by email. Applicants who do not receive admission offers by that date may assume their applications unsuccessful. No individual notifications will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.