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Academy Library

The Academy Library provides a wide range of facilities and equipment for teaching and learning as well as research.

Information Commons

There are 6 PCs in the Information Commons. Some are installed with software such as Finale, Sibelius and Adobe Creative Cloud.  All of them are connected to A3 size flatbed colour scanner and multi-function photocopiers for network printing.

Information Commons with scanner and PCs     A3 size flatbed scannerPhotocopiers A & B

Above the Information Commons, there are three LED TVs announcing selected new resources and showcasing students' works.  
3 LED TVs      

Research Consultation Room

The Research Consultation Room is designed for assistant librarians to provide one on one Research Consultation Service.


Learning Commons

The Learning Commons was created for collaborative learning in 2015. It has 26 seats and 10 mobile tables which can be turned into various shapes to meet different study style.

Learning Commons at Upper Ground Floor 1     Learning Commons on Upper Ground Floor

Learning Resources Room

The Learning Resources Room opens daily from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.  It has AV carrels, group study tables and PC/iMac workstations.  All PCs are connected to photocopying and scanning facilities.

Learning Resources Room

Seminar Rooms

Three Seminar Rooms of different sizes are equipped with PC and AV equipment for library workshops and presentations.  For more facilities of individual room, please follow this link (
Seminar Rooms are restricted for use of students and staff.  Bookings have to be made online via Library Seminar Room Booking System at ( 

  Seminar Room A    Seminar Room B   Seminar Room C