Language Unit

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Our Teaching Philosophy

We encourage:

In respect of communicating course aims and outcomes

  • teachers to make course and lesson outcomes clear to students

  • teachers to make evaluation criteria clear to students

  • teachers to explain the methodology they employ to students where necessary

In respect of methodology

  • student interaction and participation and maximized involvement

  • a student-centred approach to teaching

  • activities that are challenging and achievable

  • activities that are as relevant as possible to specific groups of students

  • teachers and course developers to be open to student input and feedback

In respect of treating a positive attitude/atmosphere

  • the fostering of a positive learning environment in which students are not afraid to take risks with the language and make mistakes

  • intrinsically-motivating activities and lessons

  • teachers to be friendly and approachable

  • teachers to instil confidence in students and build their self-esteem

  • teachers to offer a pastoral ear where this is sought

In respect of learner training

  • active learning

  • creativity and critical thinking

  • language skills that foster lifelong learning

  • students to take responsibility for their own learning