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Honorary Fellow

XING Liang

2016 Honorary Fellow

XING Liang


Born in Beijing, Mr Xing Liang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 1991, winning the Gold Prize in the junior and senior sections respectively of the Tao Li Bei Competition. In 1991 and 1992 he was the principal dancer in the Youth Division of the Beijing Dance Academy, and in 1993 he joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1993. He is currently an independent choreographer.

Mr Xing has won numerous awards, including the Gold Award in the Male Solo Class at the 6th Paris International Dance Competition in 1994, and the Gold Award in the Modern Dance Section at the 8th Paris International Dance Competition in 1998 for his work I Want to Fly. He was named one of the Top Ten National Performers in 1996, and Star of the Century by the Guangdong Provincial Government in 1997. He also received the Hong Kong Dance Alliance Award for his performance in Ju Dou in 1999. Other distinctions include the Silver Award in the Modern Dance Section at the 1st Italy International Dance Competition for his work Night of Dancer, and the 2nd Class Award in Choreography at the 5th National Competition in 2001. Further recognitions from Hong Kong Dance Alliance Award came in 2004 and 2006, and more recently in 2011 for 6 Degrees (for Outstanding Production), and in 2013 for Thunderstorm (for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography - in collaboration with 2013 Academy Honorary Fellow Ms Mui Cheuk-yin). He also received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Outstanding Young Artist in Dance in 2007, and the award for Best Artist (Dance) in 2011.

Mr Xing has also made his mark internationally as a choreographer. He was invited to participate in the International Choreographers Residency Programme in the international American Dance Festival in 1996, and his work Chamber was performed in the 1999 Beijing-Hong Kong Modern Dance Festival. His work 180° was performed at the Holland Dance Festival in 2001, and in Vancouver in 2003 by the Goh Ballet, during its 25th Anniversary celebrations. More recently he has choreographed for the Singapore Dance Theatre, T.H.E in Singapore, The University of Queensland in Australia, Expressions Dance Company in Australia, Codarts University (Rotterdam Dance Academy) in Netherlands, Taipei National University of the Arts, Shenyang Conservatory of Music in the Mainland, Guangdong Modern Dance Company in the Mainland, Jiangsu Dance and Opera Theatre in the Mainland, and Guangzhou Soldier Acrobatic Troupe in the Mainland.

Mr Xing has given his time and artistry generously to the Academy’s School of Dance. He has created several works for its major dance seasons, including Life, Death and the Twilight (May 2007); Out of Nowhere (May 2011); and the very successful cross-stream work The point beyond which… (May 2013). Due to the unexpected unavailability of contracted choreographer Mr Zhao Tiechun, Mr Xing kindly stepped in at short notice, and agreed to rework his Life, Death and the Twilight for the Chinese Dance stream for the School’s May season Point of Departure last year (2015). Most recently, Mr Xing was invited to recreate The point beyond which… on a new cross-stream ensemble to perform at the July 2016 World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific Dance Festival and Conference, and the 2016 Daegu International Choreography Festival in Korea. There is little doubt that the dancers gained a great deal from this experience. Mr Xing’s commitment to his student dancers as a teacher and artistic mentor has always been exceptional. He gives time well beyond that scheduled, and leads them on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery, not only as artists but also as individuals.

Mr Xing has also contributed generously to the School’s programmes both as a guest teacher and as an examiner, most recently in the 2016 January Winter Term, where he was guest teacher for the Chinese Dance stream. Here again, rather than delivering technique as a purely skills-based enterprise, he placed it in a wider aesthetic, historical and cultural context, thereby broadening the students’ experience and understanding of their art form. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, his excellence in teaching, his contribution to the artistic standing of the School, and his consistent involvement and support, Mr Xing was named Dean of Dance Master Artist for 2013/14.