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Honorary Fellow


2007 Honorary Fellow



Born in 1950 and started making 8mm experimental films at the age of 13. Tsui Hark returned to Hong Kong in 1977 after he graduated from the University of Texas, Austin in filmmaking and landed a job working in television and directed the classic Gold Dagger Romance.

A legendary producer and director, he is one of Hong Kong cinema’s most influential figures. A pioneer of the ‘80s Hong Kong New Wave film movement, Tsui immediately caught the attention of critics with his innovative style and techniques. Butterfly Murders (1979) and Dangerous Encounter Of the First Kind (1980) pushed the boundary of Hong Kong genre films as well as the limit of the censors.

Following the creation of Film Workshop with his wife Nansun Shi in 1984, Tsui directed and produced a series of successful commercial films, Shanghai Blues and A Chinese Ghost Story – the Animation that initiated the so-called golden era of Hong Kong cinema.

Films including A Chinese Ghost Story, Swordsman and Once Upon In China established Tsui’s dominance across Asia. After directing two films in Hollywood, Tsui returned to Hong Kong in mid-90s and continued to push his stylistic boundary. Time And Tide and Iron Monkey introduced Hong Kong action style to the audience in Europe and America.

Tsui’s latest Seven Swords was invited to be the opening film at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival in 2005.