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Honorary Fellow

LO Pan-chiu

2001 Honorary Fellow


Born in 1912, Lo Pan-chiu is recognized as one of the most important Cantonese Opera performers and advocates to date.  He began his formal training in Cantonese traditional theatre at an early age.

In the 1930’s, Lo Pan-chiu began to attract attention with his superlative artistic skills and outstanding interpretations of the scholarly and heroic roles in Cantonese opera.  He rapidly became one of the finest performers in this popular art form, achieving widespread fame with growing audience support.

His repertoire was extensive both in the classical tradition and in contemporary works, excelling in a wide range of portrayals and characterisations on stage with unforgettable brilliance that arouses excitement, admiration and respect from colleagues, critics and audiences alike.  He performed all over China, including frequent appearances in Macau and Hong Kong where he had an enormous following.  He undertook several performance tours across the United States, Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Lo Pan-chiu was awarded many prizes in both national and provincial festivals and competitions.  Recognised to be a great exponent of the Lingnan or Southern style of performance, Lo successfully assimilated the best practices of Kunju as well as Beijing and Shanghai traditions with profound artistry.  The integrated technique of singing, acting, recitation and stage combat that he developed for his own performances attained impeccable perfection.

In 1988, Lo Pan-chiu emigrated to the United States where he continues to devote time and energy to promote, popularize, revitalize and extend the art of Cantonese opera.  He returns frequently to the Mainland and Hong Kong to teach and participate in performances with the aim to nurture young talents and foster new generations of performing artists.

As Visiting Artist of the Academy, his lectures and demonstrations have been an artistic revelation and a source of inspiration to the students.