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Honorary Fellow

LAM Kar-sing

1999 Honorary Fellow


Lam Kar-sing is an outstanding artist on the Cantonese opera stage and in Hong Kong Cinema.  Lam made his debut at the age of 11.  His talent was soon recognized by the renowned opera singer Sit Kok-sin, who accepted him as a disciple at the age of 16.  Lam’s formidable skills in singing, acting and the martial arts have led him to great success, especially in his exceptional performances with the famous Cantonese Opera Companies, including the Kok Sing, Bo Ting, Dalongfeng and Sin Fung Ming Opera Troupes.  In 1966, Lam founded the Tsung Sun Sing Opera Troupe, which made important contributions to the art form at the time.  Lam is highly praised for his remarkable artistic skills and had a huge following.  The Hong Kong Lam Kar-sing Fan Club, formed in 1965, published Yi Lin, a seasonal newsletter specially devoted to Lam’s artistry.  It flourished for thirty years from 1966 to 1996.

One of the most prolific artists of his generation, Lam appeared in over 300 motion pictures from 1947 to 1957.  Some of his most famous operatic portrayals, such as those in Battling Sounds and The Pitiless Sword, have been adapted for the Cinema.

Lam’s contribution to the world of Cantonese Opera is widely recognized.  In 1981, he was awarded a meritorious title by Queen Elizabeth II, an honor conferred on him by the then Governor MacLehouse.  Lam retired in 1993, after 38 consecutive sold-out performances, which broke all attendance records in Cantonese Opera of recent decades.  Today, Lam devotes his time to nurturing young artists and to supporting charities.