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Honorary Fellow

Elizabeth WONG CHIEN Chi-lien

1995 Honorary Fellow


Mrs Elizabeth Wong was born in Shanghai, China.  She received her education at the Diocesan Girls’ School and the University of Hong Kong and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours and a Diploma in Education with distinction.

She joined the civil service in May 1969 after having been a teacher for a number of years.  She has held appointments in the Social Welfare Department, the Finance Branch, the former Home Affairs Branch, the Lands and Works Branch and the Municipal Services Branch.  She was appointed Director of Social Welfare in March 1987 and promoted to the rank of Administrative Officer Staff Grade A in December 1989.  She retired from the post of Secretary for Health and Welfare in September 1994.

Mrs Wong was the Music Administrator from 1979 to 1981.  She greatly strengthened the professional team of the Music Office and introduced a number of significant improvements to its instrumental training programme.  Her efforts culminated in her leading the “Jong Kong Jing Ying”, an elite group of young musicians and dancers, on an extensive tour, giving 27 performances in 11 cities including London.

During her various periods of service as Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner for Recreation and Culture, and as Deputy Secretary for Municipal Services, Elizabeth Wong was deeply involved in the preparation and policy development for the establishment of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  In December 1985, she was appointed to undertake a study of the Academy, resulting in the “Wong Report” which recommended a number of important improvements in both the academic and management structures of the institution.  It also confirmed the unique position of the Academy.  In her report, she wrote of the Academy as follows: “being multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, it is without precedent and its existence will do Hong Kong proud.  It will prove itself in the years to come”.

Mrs Wong is at present in Sydney addressing the International Congress on Arts and Communications and extolling Hong Kong’s many achievements in the arts and culture.  Miss Margaret Lynn, Associate Dean of Music, will accept the Fellowship of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on her behalf.