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Honorary Fellow


2016 Honorary Fellow



Mr Cecil S C Leong is Chairman of Henry G Leong Estates Limited, a family company that manages commercial real estates. He runs his real estate business in Hong Kong as well as overseas.

Mr Leong has a keen interest in singing and has been an ardent music enthusiast for many years. Music is also prominent in his home, as his children and grandchildren have distinguished themselves on different instruments and vocal performances.

As a music lover, Mr Leong has generously organised and participated in a number of charitable occasions to raise funds for the Academy students. His first involvement was back in 2005 when he organised the Michael Rippon Memorial Concert in memory of his vocal coach Mr Michael Rippon, the then Head of Vocal Studies of the Academy, who passed away because of cancer.

A series of Friends for Life Fundraising Concerts were subsequently organised in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Throughout these years, he has raised more than HK$4.7 million for the Academy. Apart from paying for all the costs of producing the concerts, Mr Leong has personally participated and performed in these concerts. In order to raise sufficient funds, he cultivated his own network and asked many of his friends to support his fundraising move. The funds raised in 2005 and 2011 went to the Michael Rippon Memorial Scholarship for vocal students. Subsequently, Mr Leong established his own Cecil Leong Scholarships in 2013 and these scholarships have benefited both undergraduates and postgraduates across the six departments under the School of Music.