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Honorary Fellow


1993 Honorary Fellow


Carl Wolz’s association with Hong Kong began in 1982 when he was one of the international team of consultants that advised on the setting up of the Academy.  He was appointed the first Dean of Dance in 1983, and Hong Kong has been able to benefit from his unique blend of talents ever since.  To administration and teaching he brings his own practical experience as a dancer in companies that included the American Festival Ballet, and the Julliard Dance Ensemble; creatively, as a choreographer, he has over 70 compositions to his credit, including many that were first presented in Hong Kong.  He is also a scholar of renown – an ethnologist with a knowledge of all Asian dance, particularly Japanese; and he is an expert on dance notation.  His academic sojourns in Japan, Hawaii and subsequently Hong Kong have given him bases for explorations in the field, aided by his gift for languages.  But, perhaps, most influential has been his vision of how dance, the most truly international of the performing arts, can bring people of the world together, and generate a sense of joy and well-being.  From 1986 to 1990 he organized the International Festival of Dance Academies which each year brought to Hong Kong young dancers from all over the world.  In 1990, 350 dancers from 18 dance academies from 15 difference countries performed together and to each other in Hong Kong.  He continues to be active in his international dance festival.  He is also Founder President of the Asia-Pacific Dance Alliance.  The East-West Center has recognized his work by making him the recipient of their Distinguished Alumni Award.  This summer, he leaves Hong Kong for Japan, but he will continue fostering multi-cultural understanding as Director of the World Dance Alliances Asia-Pacific Centre.  I present for Fellowship of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Mr Carl Wolz.