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Honorary Fellow

Anthony WONG Chau-sang

2004 Honorary Fellow

Anthony WONG Chau-sang


Anthony Wong Chau-sang was born and bred in Hong Kong.  Following a period of employment as a television artist, he as admitted in 1985 to the School of Drama of the newly established Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  He was in the first cohort of the Academy’s drama students and one of the most outstanding of all graduates of 1998.

Whist a student here, he was selected to perform the title and principal roles in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Michael Cristofer’s The Shadow Box.  Already the innate talent, the technical mastery of characterization, the depth and maturity of interpretation, the versatility and adaptability in the full spectrum of emotional expressions, and above-all  the personal charisma and professionalism of this young actor were brilliantly manifest in those early days.

Upon graduation, Anthony Wong joined a leading television broadcasting company.  In 1990, just two years after having the Academy, he began to diversify his career development over a wide range of performing arts and entertainment activities including movie making, stage acting, music recording, radio broadcasting and feature column writing.  Over the years, he has participated in more than 200 films as principal or supporting actor.  The winning of an impressive number of local and international awards testify to the supreme artistry and important achievement of Anthony Wong.  These include:

  • The Best Actor award for The Untold Story, at the 13th Hong Kong Film Award of 1993;
  • Three Best Actor awards for Best Cop, at 18th Hong Kong Film Award of 1998, the 5th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award of 1998, and the 4th Golden Bauhinia Award of 1999;
  • The 12th Artist of the Year Award by the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild for the Best Movie Actor of 1999;
  • The Best Actor Award for Ordinary Hero, at the 5th Golden Bauhinia Award of 2000;
  • The Best Actor in tragedy or drama award, for To Kill or to be Killed, at the 10th Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies Award in 2001;
  • The Best Supporting Actor award for Princess-D, at the 39th Golden Horse Award of 2002;
  • The Best Actor award for Infernal Affairs, at the 9th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award of 2002; and
  • Two additional Best Supporting Actor awards for Infernal Affairs, at the 22nd Hong Kong Film Award the 40th Golden Horse Award, both of 2003.

Now at the height of his international artistic reputation, Anthony Wong Chau-sang’s return to the Academy campus is welcome with pride and honour by his Alma Mater, the HKAPA.