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Honorary Fellow

Alison Elizabeth LUSHER

2012 Honorary Fellow

Alison Elizabeth LUSHER


Alison Elizabeth Lusher is a long-serving member and currently Joint President of the Society of the Academy for Performing Arts (SAPA).

Ms Lusher began as a volunteer helping with raffle ticket sales at SAPA Balls when she was a teenager, having been introduced by her mother, Mrs Phyllis Lusher, who was a SAPA silver life member. Ms Lusher joined the SAPA Ball Organising Committee in December 2002 and was Ball Co-Chair in 2003 and 2004 together with Mrs Sophia Kao Lo who was made an Academy Honorary Fellow in 2011.

Ms Lusher has served as Joint President of SAPA since December 2003. She has been assiduous in promoting the work of SAPA and has drawn on her extensive network to help organize many successful SAPA Balls and fundraising events. Apart from boosting table and charity ticket sales and soliciting prizes and auction items, Ms Lusher has also introduced many prospective sponsors to the Academy. Under her leadership, SAPA has donated HK$46m in scholarships to the Academy since 2003.

Besides her work for SAPA, Ms Lusher is also a member of the Academy Development Committee, which aims to bring in more funds for the Academy’s growth and improvement. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms Lusher graduated in Law from University College, London. She took her solicitors’ finals at The University of Hong Kong and completed her articles with Alsop Wilkinson. She joined Builders Federal, a construction company specialising in curtain wall contracting with a list of clients including Bank of China, Exchange Square and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. During her five years with Builders Federal, Ms Lusher worked in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore. During her time in Manila, Ms Lusher was an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and was also invited to join as a Director of the Asia Society Philippine Foundation.

In addition to her sterling support for SAPA, Ms Lusher is kept busy by her three children aged nine, seven and five and is an active volunteer at the Chinese International School which all three children attend.

Her many years of dedicated support for the Academy by organising fundraising events and the Academy Balls, and by bringing in student scholarships have been invaluable. This honorary award recognises Ms Lusher’s many years of outstanding service to the Academy and support for the interests and welfare of its students.