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Mr YEUNG, Adrian

Senior Lecturer (Media Design)

Mr YEUNG, Adrian
Theatre and Entertainment Arts


Yeung Chun Yip Adrian is a new media designers and theatre director in Hong Kong.

Previously trained in computer engineering at the University of Hong Kong, he worked as a software engineer prior to becoming a full-time multimedia designer in the early 2000s. Since 2007, Yeung has contributed to over 70 productions and collaborated with prominent artists and art groups of theatre, dance and music in Hong Kong.

In 2010, Yeung started his theatre directing works. In 2017 his work on Jennifer Haley‘s  “The Nether” received critical acclaim. The work examined the current ethical issues of virtual reality technology. From 2012 to 2016, Yeung directed a series of works, experimenting the boundary between theatre and film. Inspired by the life and films of legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin, he directed “Modern Times” (2016), exploring the motion capture technology with mime movement. In “Landscape of Ozu”(2015) and “Antonioni Conjecture”(2012), Yeung used live camera technology on stage to recreate the aesthetics of famous film director Yasujiro Ozu and Michelangelo Antonioni.

His research direction is to explore new technologies within the context of theatre production. He examines the relationship between the world of mediated reality and the liveness of performances, with technologies like virtual reality,  projection mapping, motion capture, multiple live cameras, mobile programming, etc.

He was awarded an ACC Fellowship in 2014 to explore cutting-edge advances in the field of new media in the U.S. 

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