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Ms WONG, Estella

Associate Dean of the School of Drama and Head of Academic Studies/Applied Theatre


Ms WONG, Estella


Estella Wong is currently the Associate Dean of the School of Drama and the Head of Academic studies/Applied Theatre of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Drama. She was the discipline leader of the MFA (Drama) Drama and Theatre Education major 2008 and MFA co-ordinator (Drama) 2011- 2018.

After her graduation from the Academy’s School of Drama, she joined two professional theatre companies which were highly specialized in community theatre, drama education and Theatre-in-Education. Working as the educational programme officer in Prospects Theatre Company and Head of Theatre Education department in Chung Ying Theatre Company, and having the invaluable opportunity to pursue her further study in drama education, her previous formal actor’s training and teacher’s training were experimented, synergized and expanded, which contributes to her current belief and skills in the field of Drama education and Applied theatre.

Wong designed and taught the first "Drama education techniques for drama tutors" module for the academy’s drama school in 02, and was a part-time lecturer of "Creative drama and primary education" module in Hong Kong Baptist University School of Continuing Education from 02-04, and the Master of Drama Education course co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School and Griffith University (Australia) from 04-08. Being invited as the external consultant, Wong designed the first MFA (Drama) programme Drama and Theatre Education major in 06 which was accredited in 07, and implemented since 08. Wong was a member of the academic committee in IDEA 07 hosted in Hong Kong, and the chairperson of academic committee in the World Conference of Drama Education in Chinese Communities (DECC) in 09. Wong is now an executive member of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) since 14.

On professional theatre productions, Wong keeps on exploring the art form as a professional director and actress. Her recent work includes 4.48 Psychosis (Sarah Kane) by On and On theatre, Broadway musical Once on this Island by Hong Kong 3 arts musical institute, original musical production The Chiu Chow Groom by Chasing Theatre & iStage and Rayanita stage production, and Homo Superus by 2 onstage.

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Education & Qualification+

  • Graduated from Northcote College of Education (Teacher Certificate)

  • Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (BFA in Drama)

  • Gained her MA degree (Drama in Education) at the University of Central England, Birmingham


  • Outstanding Arts-in-education project Award (co-presented by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong Education Bureau, Hong Kong institute of Education

Professional Achievements+

  • Drama examiner of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

  • A Board member of Pants Production

  • A Board member of Hong Kong Teacher’s Drama Association (HKTDA)

  • An Executive member of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK)

  • Former external consultant of the School of Drama on Drama and Theatre Education

  • Former Board member of FM Theatre Power

  • Recent publication on Drama education and Applied theatre:  authored Applying Theatre , Chinese translated Dramawise  (Brad Haseman & John O’Toole), Gavin Bolton: Essential Writings (ed. David Davis),  edited Risks and Opportunities- the Tension in Hong Kong Drama Education Development etc

  • A member of the editorial board of The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia