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Associate Professor and Head of Directing and Artistic Director of School Production





SZETO Wai Cheuk, Roy


Senior Lecturer (Directing)



Date of first appointment:

September 2012

Teaching areas:


Roy Szeto entered the field of drama in 1982, and since then he has participated in a variety of theatre productions, serving in many roles including director, script writer, actor and producer.  From 1983 to 1990, he was awarded numerous prizes for consecutive years in productions organized by the Urban Council.  The highlight was in December 1985, when Roy was the Champion in the high school section of the script writing competition with his work Good morning Sir!.

1990 saw Roy graduating from the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Directing.  He immediately entered the movie industry while also serving at important positions in other forms of media.  In 1992 he became Deputy Director of Snow, Wolf, Lake, Hong Kong's first original musical production.  He subsequently appeared in many renowned productions, including The Legend, Showgun Show 2, War of the Genders and The Lover, and in 2000 he directed 1941 Girl, which received an overwhelmingly positive response across the drama and cultural fields.

Roy joined the Star East Group in 2001 to manage its stage production company Star East Stage, and was the producer for large-scale productions of the company including A Man and A Woman starring local celebrities Cheung Tat-ming and Sandra Ng.  In 2002, Roy began a cooperation with W Theatre, and co-directed The Best Memories in My Life, BTS Superman Forever, Butterfly Lovers, Last Smile First Tear, Once in a Lifetime and Octave with Wong Chi-lung. In 2003, he set up the Chibi Animation Productions, and subsequently joined OOOPS PICTURES in 2004.  He moved on in 2004 to co-direct with Frederick Mao, Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, in the critically acclaimed black comedy A Small Family Business featuring renowned actor Anthony Wong.

Roy joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre as Resident Director in September 2006 and completed numerous works for the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, including Xi Na On Rock, Lost and found Trilogy, Calling and original musical The Family Protection Unit, Moon Over Buffalo, The Beautiful Connection, The Communicating Doors, God of Carnage and Shed Skin. Apart from directing, Roy has been actively involved in other media creations, including video works in The Best Memories in My Life, Funny Money, The Glass Menagerie, Rotate 270, Queer Show, EMPTY, Mr Snow White & Mr Cinderella, Octave and Dr Faustus.  His works have made the top 10 most well-received repertoires in the Hong Kong Drama Awards for multiple years, and he has been nominated for Best Director five times. He won the director’s awards in 2011 and 2012. To drill deeper and discover a unique artistic style, and at the same time to put knowledge into practice, Roy completed the MFA in Directing degree at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to further his studies in this field. From 2013, he has started a new chapter in his artistic career as a Senior Lecturer at the HKAPA.


Xi Nai On Rock by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (2006)
Being Poon Chan Leung – Chanting in Silhouette by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (2012)

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Tel.:2584 8772

Education & Qualification+

Master of Fine Arts in Drama

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Drama)

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts



1: Best Director (Comedy/Farce), the Hong Kong Drama Awards (2011)
2: Best Director (Comedy/Farce), the Hong Kong Drama Awards (2012)
3: Best Lighting Design, the Hong Kong Drama Awards (2012)

Professional Achievements+

1: Star East Group - Star East Sage, 2001-2003

  • Production Controller

  • Producer for larger-scale productions

2: Chibi Animation Productions, 2003-2004

  • Founder / Creative Director

  • SFX effects for film making

3: Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, SEP 2006 – AUG 2012

  • Resident Director

4: Faculty Exchange to TNUA (Taipei National University of Art ), Sep 2013- Dec 2013