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Mr STITT, Geoffrey

Dean of the School of Film and Television

Film and Television

Mr STITT, Geoffrey
Film and Television


Geoffrey Stitt, an award-winning sound-designer & graduate of the London Film School, established a lengthy professional career in all aspects of editing, designing, mixing & recording sound for picture in Australia and Hong Kong. After introducing surround-sound practice to several influential film directors and production companies in Asia, he established a professional advisory service and state-of-the-art studio in Hong Kong. His Soundfirm Asia business collaborated closely with established Soundfirm studios in Sydney and Melbourne and soon assisted the development of a new post-production studio in Beijing. Stitt is a passionate educator delivering seminars, leading conferences & consulting with highly acclaimed screen producers and directors such as Nansun Shi, Tsui Hark, Jackie Chan and Johnny To.

Stitt works effectively with students and indie filmmakers and across a wide range of screen content and technological solutions, always encouraging the creative impact of sound and inspiring students to realize the dramatic potential inherent in aural design.

At HKAPA he develops and renews curriculum at BFA and MFA levels, establishes innovative teaching methodologies, designs and plans technologically advanced production and teaching facilities, provides educational leadership, mentors staff and students, and delivers innovative, high-quality, creative teaching practice.

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Tel.:2584 8664

Education & Qualification+

  • Degree Course Pathway Co-ordinator for Sound
  • Dip-London Film School (1982)
  • A.E.S.