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Mr KWAI, Frederick

Accompanist (Chinese Dance)


Mr KWAI, Frederick


Frederick Kwai graduated from the Guangzhou Music Conservatory in 1970. He later worked for the Hainan Minor-Nationality Autonomous Region Dance Troupe of the Guangdong Province as composer, conductor and piano accompanist. He studied music composition from the famous composer Wang Ming and composed many pieces of dance and instrumental music.

After returning to Hong Kong, Mr. Kwai has continued to compose music. He worked as Accompanist for the Hong Kong Dance Company in 1981. He has written music for the Hong Kong Dance Company productions like Zi Zi Bu Juan (Keep Working), Xi Nu Ai Le (Joy, Anger, Grief and Happiness), Yi Gu Zuo Qi (Pressing On Without Ley-up), Shen Yun (Body Rhythm), and Minjian Fengqing Hua (A picture of Folk Customs). For the Tenth Asian Arts Festival organized by the Urban Council, he composed music for seven plays, for which he received wide acclaims.

Mr. Kwai composed the dance music ¡§Four Seasons¡¨ in 1987 and ¡§White Cloud¡¨ in 1989. He has been appointed as the Accompanist in Chinese Dance for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts since 1985.

He is now the member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd. (CASH)

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