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Ms CHUI, Psyche

Senior Lecturer (Theatre Lighting Design)

Ms CHUI, Psyche
Theatre and Entertainment Arts


Psyche Chui has worked as a professional lighting designer and theatre educator for over 29 years. She has been invited as Guest Lecturer and/or Visiting Professor by the Theatre Academy of Finland, Central Academy of Drama, China and Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and is regularly invited to speak at international lighting symposiums and professional or academic conferences,  including OISTAT, Hangzhou Symposium, Light-spot at PQ2015.

She has worked with professional theatre and dance companies in Hong Kong and for many other performing companies internationally in Singapore, Korea, the Netherlands, Canada, Macau, USA, Russia and China.

She was awarded Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies’ Best Lighting Design in 2005 for the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Production “Rotate 270”, and in 2007 for the work in Hong Kong Repertory Theatre Production “Blindness”. Recognizing Psyche Chui’s achievement she was honoured with a Youth Career Achievement Award (Theatre Lighting Design) by Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies in 2001. Her biography was included in “Who’s Who in the World 2011” as one of the most internationally renowned lighting designers based in Hong Kong.

Psyche Chui earned an Advanced Diploma from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a Masters of Arts Degree from Middlesex University. She was also a special research fellow mentored by Jennifer Tipton, and taught by Professor Tipton and William Bill Warfel at Yale School of Drama.

She is developing a project called “Illumination of Wellbeing”, in which art disciplines (such as lighting, drama, movement and puppetry) are intriduced. It is a collaboration between two cities, Singapore and Hong Kong. Research for the project is underpinned by the Goal Attainment Scale and led by Lee Wai Ying, a drama therapist in Singapore.  

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