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The Dramatic Tour of Drama 2.0 Kick-started


19 January 2020

School / Department : Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office

Category : Academy Events

The first workshop of Drama 2.0 was held, attracting dozens of secondary students and drama lovers to have a foretaste ofthe study that trains drama professionals in the HKAPA. Following the success of Drama 1.0 workshops conducted last year, Drama 2.0continued to create a simulation of drama classes for the partcipants. The element of interaction had been strengthened this year. Participantswere engaged in a series of featured activities, including demonstration of voice training, physical movements within the surrounding space, and acting exercises.Participantsalso hadan opportunity to concult Professor Poon Wai-sum, Dean of Dramadirectly at the Q and A session.


Drama 2.0Drama 2.0