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Film Symposium: Once Upon a Time with Sergio Leone


22 November 2014

School / Department : HKAPA 30th Anniversary

Category : Academy Events

Admirers of Sergio Leone, noted for the strong visuals of his films as well as reviving the Western genre, will be drawn to
the writing of Christopher Frayling, authoritative biographer of Leone and expert in Italy’s “Spaghetti Westerns”. While
Leone's films are well known to most local “cineastes”, there has as yet been no retrospective of his work. He made only seven films in his life but each is highly significant and influential. Frayling, also an expert on education, has been invited to give a keynote speech on the latest trends in film and television education as part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations. At the same time, the Academy will be inaugurating a retrospective of Leone’s films (in association with the Hong Kong International Film Festival) to accompany the parallel mini-conference exploring his key works.