HKAPA Strategic Plan 2013-2023 - page 4

21st Century Hong Kong is a dynamic and diverse cultural metropolis
occupying a unique point of intersection between Asian and Western creative
practice. With Asia ascendant on world stages, and with Hong Kong’s identity
as a Special Administrative Region of China (SAR), the Hong Kong Academy for
Performing Arts is ideally positioned to explore innovative approaches to
performing arts education and challenging new creative paradigms that can
reshape the way we view the performing arts.
This year the Academy celebrates its 30th anniversary. As part of this
celebration year the Academy is proud to be launching its new ten year
strategic plan. This plan will set ambitious but achievable goals for its next
decade of operation, building on the signi cant achievements of its rst three
decades as the major provider of performing arts training in Hong Kong. While
providing a clear pathway for the Academy’s future development the Strategic
Plan will also be a exible and adaptable document able to respond to a
dynamic and evolving globalised educational environment.
There is now more than ever a need to re-evaluate and respond to signi cant
changes in the delivery of performing arts education to ensure Academy
graduates are well equipped to meet the challenges and embrace the exciting
opportunities of today’s performing arts professions.
The Academy aspires to make its graduates the rst choice of performing arts
companies in the 21st Century.
A unique institution positioned for impact
The Hong Kong Academy for
Performing Arts
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