HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 97

8,100 new items acquired during the year brought the
Academy’s library collection to over 150,000 items. The
acquisition ratio of Chinese books and English books,
traditionally, 1:3 has this year become 1:1, suggesting
the demand for Chinese material is on the increase and
that there are more quality Chinese publications available
on the market. The percentage of new electronic titles
remained at 30%.
Our electronic resources were accessed around 2.4million
times, a 14% increase from 2007/2008 representing an
average access of 4 times a day per user. Although the
checkout statistics and the renewal statistics decreased by
about 10%, library visits increased by 2% and enquiries
by 63%. These figures suggest that while more users turn
to electronic resources for information, the functions and
services of the library remain no less essential.
Recognising the central position of the Libraries as the
resources centre for all academic activities, the Libraries
revisited the syllabus of all programmes to ensure that
learning resources were available in the Libraries. Core
readings were identified and marked in the Library
System for the purposes of compiling readily available
lists of resources on different courses and for future
updating of our core collection. The Library also updated
the Audio Visual (AV) Collection replacing many video
cassettes with DVDs.
Users who have grown up in a digital environment demand
fast and accurate information and expect support from
the library wherever they are. To satisfy this expectation,
the Libraries enhanced the library system and integrated
different electronic resources for rapid access. The
Libraries updated the AV and IT (information technology)
equipment and purchased more portable DVD players
and netbooks for loan.
To develop the ‘learning to learn’ capability of our users,
the Library conducted 30 user education programmes
on information literacy, using electronic resources and
copyright in education. It was encouraging to see that
the total number of attendees increased by 160%.
The resources and facilities of the Libraries were under
close scrutiny from the Programme Area Accreditation
(PAA) panels in September 2008 and the validation panel
of the Master of Fine Arts Degree Programme in Film
Production panel in April 2009. The panels were satisfied
with the library collections, facilities and services.
In the future, the Libraries will actively engage in
publicising resources, facilities and services as well as
continuing to identify the needs of our users, then setting
out to meet those needs. Library staff will be seen in
every possible venue: workshops, seminars and meetings,
to explain library services and resources. The Libraries
will no longer sit and wait to serve; we will proactively
reach out to all users.
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