HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 93

Comprising of the Development Office and Public
Relations Office, the Development Department continues
to actively acquire and secure donors and sponsors,
extend our network of friends and partners, build and
maintain close relationships with stakeholders, develop
strategic alliances and work closely with the Branding
Committee to enhance the Academy’s image and formulate
celebration programmes for the Academy 25th anniversary.
Development Office
The challenging economic times took their toll in the
academic year 2008/2009 and the Academy was fortunate
to receive continual encouragement and support from
friends and corporate donors. The Hong Kong Jockey
Club has been the Academy’s biggest donor since its
inception in 1984 and it is currently supporting the
reconstruction of the Amphitheatre.
In addition to our long-standing supporters, new sponsors
and donors were identified to contribute to Academy
projects and scholarships. TheDepartment of Composition
and Electronic Music received a significant donation
from The Lions and Joseph Koo Music Foundation
for the establishment of scholarships and funding for
overseas study tours. The British Council supported the
Academy British Connections in October comprising of
concerts by The Smith Quartet and a public lecture by
veteran stage designer Ralph Koltai in order to celebrate
its 60th anniversary. An annual Christmas appeal was
also a success. Seeing in the festive season with friends
and supporters raised funds for the development of the
Academy throughout the year. To express our appreciation
toAcademy supporters, theDevelopment Office organised
the Scholarship Presentation and Donors’ Appreciation
Gathering in May 2009 with nearly 400 distinguished
guests, students and teachers attending the ceremony.
Unveiling of the new corporate display at Open Day
(photo by Cheung Chi-wai)
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