HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 91

Curriculum Development
The Centre continued to offer and monitor the two
specially designedApplied Learning Courses:
to Theatre Arts and Taking a Chance on Dance
as part
of the secondary curriculum for the Education Bureau.
In the 2008 cohort, 69 secondary students were enrolled
in the courses. Also, an Assessment Handbook for the
Introduction to Theatre Arts
was jointly developed by the
Centre andHong Kong Examination Assessment Authority.
The Centre also renders consultancy services on
performing arts education to schools and educational
institutions, and gives recommendations/references
on suitable teaching professionals. In 2008/2009, the
Centre provided a consultancy service to the Lok Sin
Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School for tailoring
a school-based drama education programme to their
Form Three students. The School has further engaged
the Centre to develop a school-based performing arts
education programme for three consecutive years from
2009/2010 onwards.
Head of the Centre Anna Chan and lecturer Estella
Wong attended the
Interdisciplinary and Creative Arts
Education Summit
organised by the Hong Kong Institute
of Education from 26 to 29 November 2008, and Anna
attended the
3+3+4 Symposium- Partnering for Excellence
in Education
organised by the Heads of Universities
Committee on 6 December 2008.
The BritishCouncil and the China-UKConnections through
Culture invited Anna Chan to attend the
Performing Arts
Education & Outreach
study tour in the UK from 22
February to 1 March 2009. The China-UK Connections
through Culture is a joint initiative of the Department
for Culture Media and Sport and the British Council
with the support from the Scottish Government and the
Welsh Assembly Government. The tour involved visits
to venues in London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Glasgow
with a combination of formal presentations, informal
discussions and field visits on the latest development of
‘learning & community engagement projects’.
Estella Wong was invited to the 4th ATEC International
Forum presented by the Department of Physical, Health
and Art Education, Ministry of Education of China and the
Asian Theatre Education Centre (ATEC), and organised by
the Central Academy of Drama in May 2009 in Beijing. At
the forum, Estella Wong gave a talk about the Academy’s
newly launched Master of Fine Arts in Drama (Drama
and Theatre Education).
Applied Learning Courses
Introduction to Theatre Arts
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