HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 9

As he awakes in the morning, Peter Sellars, gives thanks
that he is an artist and not a banker. How the world
has changed.
I had the chance to spend some days recently with the
celebrated theatre and opera director and to discuss
with him his views of, well, I guess, where we are right
now. More graphically, ‘the state we’re in’, and relate
those perceptions with where we are right now with
West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD).
As the effects of the global recession impact on Hong
Kong, we might also look again at WKCD as reflecting a
turn in thought about how we wish to live in the modern
world. And the appointment of a CEO, represents the
fulcrum of the turning point, a defining, pivotal moment
not only for the project, but also for the whole of Hong
But first, whatever views we hold of bankers (
The Wind
in the Willows
author, Kenneth Grahame wrote his book
while serving as a secretary of the Bank of England) we
need them, and they need artists. Whilst we may not
wish the CEO of WKCD to be a banker, the role must
involve making deposits into the emotional bank account.
The depth of 1929 Wall Street crash was felt in 1931 and
1932. If the present recessionary forces take a similar
trajectory we shall be looking into a sizeable hole for
some time to come. This is a moment to consider how
all of our community, together with those involved in
arts and culture, might play a role in recovery and in
rebuilding. If the acronym WKCD sounds like an internet
radio station then at least broadband connections invoke
easy accessibility, open to all.
Clore Leadership Programme
(photo by Danny Ng)
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