HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 89

• In November and December 2008, the Centre and
the Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum
joined hands to present two lectures
Drama in
Language Subject under NSS curriculum: Chinese
Language and Drama in Language Subjects under
NSS curriculum: English Language
on the feasibility
of putting drama education in the context of language
education into the New Senior Secondary Curriculum.
• In June 2009, the Centre collaborated with the
Cantonese Opera Academy of Hong Kong to organise
an open forum
The Possibility of Cantonese Opera
Education for Children and Youth
. Representatives
from the leading Cantonese opera training schools in
Guangdong, the Chinese Artists Association of Hong
Kong, the Education Bureau and the local tertiary
education sector were invited to share their views
in the forum.
The Centre developed and conducted two Professional
Development Programmes for the Education Bureau on
Chinese Instrumental Music and Appreciating Films in
January and May 2009 respectively to enhance secondary
school teachers’ subject knowledge.
The Centre also organised its first in-house Professional
Development Workshop for all the Academy’s academic
staff on
Assessment in Performing Arts Higher Education
in June 2009. Overseas expert Dr Paul Kleiman, Deputy
Director of PALATINE from the Lancaster University in
the United Kingdom was invited to conduct a series of
workshops. The objectives of the workshop were to
address constructively the issues and concerns around
assessment that exist within the Academy and to provide
ideas for enhancing the Academy’s current assessment
Representing the Centre, lecturer Estella Wong conducted
Drama for Teachers
course for the Hong Kong University
(HKU) Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Diploma
of Education students in the second semester of the
academic year 2008/2009. This exchange of academic
activity is under the auspices of the Memorandum of
Understanding agreement signed between the Academy
and HKU’s Faculty of Education in 2007.
Applied Learning Courses
Taking a Chance on Dance
應用學習課程《舞蹈藝術 — 舞出新機》
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