HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 87

The Centre continued to coordinate the
Behind the Scenes
outreach project presented by the Hong Kong Jockey Club
Charities Trust by providing primary and secondary school
students with stimulating and educational workshops,
performances, film screenings, lectures and interactive
activities to encourage and develop their interest in the
performing arts at the theatre of the Hong Kong Racing
Museum in Happy Valley. 83 sessions were provided in
2008/2009 engaging over 2,900 students from 91 schools.
The Centre was one of the 73 exhibitors in the
jointly presented by the Home Affairs Bureau,
the Education Bureau and the Leisure and Cultural
Services Department (LCSD) at the Central Library in
January 2009. The exhibition provided a platform for a
variety of artists/arts organisations to introduce to school
principals, teachers, parents and the general public
the arts education projects and programmes offered to
primary and secondary students. Over 3,000 patrons
visited the exhibition.
Professional Development
Public Lecture Series on Performing Arts Education
an initiative of the Centre to provide the latest information
on the performing arts education to the community
and to provide training opportunities for primary and
secondary school teachers. In 2008/09, the Centre has
presented the following three public lectures:
PublicForumonPerformingArts: SharingExperiences,
The Royal Ballet UK
in July 2008 at the Drama Theatre,
supported by the LCSD and conducted by three
overseas speakers including Monica Mason, Jeanetta
Laurence and Kevin O’Hare from The Royal Ballet
and two local speakers Tisa Ho and John Meehan
on the topic of ballet company development and
nurturing new talents.
Public Forum on Performing Arts: Sharing Experiences, The Royal Ballet UK
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