HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 79

Commencing from September, two new postgraduate
competency courses ineducationhaving content applicable
across the broader spectrum of performing arts and
education were offered by the Graduate Education Centre
with both courses taught through the Performing Arts
Education Centre. The two new courses are
Arts Education and the Reflective Practitioner
Curriculum Development and Assessment in Performing
Arts Education
In addition to Dance and Drama students specializing in
education, students from Music and TEA selected these
newcourses from the basket of‘cross-disciplinary electives’.
Uptake of the courses by students across the spectrum
of performing arts disciplines from diverse majors and
specialisations highlights the built-in flexibility of the
Academy Master’s degree programmes that allow students
to tailor-make their education to fit their career plans.
The Academy’s partnership with the University of Hong
Kong Faculty of Educationwas also expanded in 2008/2009
to include new courses. AcademyMaster’s degree students
were able to register for four courses at the University
of Hong Kong and earn credit at the Academy towards
their MFA degree requirements. The courses are:
• Children with Learning Difficulties,
• Education and Curriculum: Values, Concepts and
• Understanding andGuidingAdolescent Development,
• Psychology of Teaching and Learning.
MFA in Film Production
Two years of intense research and planning by the
School of Film and Television and the GEC resulted in
the development of an innovative and comprehensive
proposal for an MFA in Film Production. Throughout
2008/2009 the proposal went through further development
and refinement in accordance with rigorous quality
assurance procedures, and was successfully vetted by
School, Graduate Education, and Academic Boards and
the Internal Validation Panel before being submitted to
the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic
and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) in February
for external accreditation.
The HKCAAVQ validation visit took place on 21 and
22 April. A panel of international experts from the
UK, Australia, and Hong Kong thoroughly examined
the proposal and met with students, staff, alumni, and
other Academy, industry, and community stakeholders
during their visit. The Panel granted the MFA in Film
Production an unprecedented unconditional approval
for four intakes. For all concerned it was a strong
affirmation of the Academy’s ability to plan and deliver
quality higher education.
The MFA in Film Production programme will admit its
first cohort of students in September 2010. One of the
programme’s distinctive features is the collaborative
Thesis Project
at the heart of the programme. Rather
than the ‘auteur’ driven
Thesis Project
that is par for the
course at many film schools, the Academy’s MFA in Film
Production programme will admit students as part of a
creative team. Creative team members will each bring
an individual set of skills, experience, and ambition to
the collaborative
Thesis Project
– the production of a
long form narrative film. The programme’s collaborative
creation ethos envisions and anticipates a new culture and
future for professional practice in the art of filmmaking.
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