HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 71

The Chinese Traditional Theatre Programme is now
in its 10th year of operation with the sixth cohort of
Advanced Diploma students graduating in June 2009. The
Chinese Traditional Theatre was introduced in 1999 and
the Academy is the only higher education institution in
Hong Kong offering this art form. The objective of the
Chinese Traditional Theatre Programme is to provide
comprehensive training in operatic singing, acting,
speech and movement. This core training is supported
by theoretical studies in Cantonese operatic music and
Chinese music, as well as Chinese culture and literature
courses, which broaden students’ horizons.
Programme Development
Dr Herbert Huey, Associate Director (Administration)
and Registrar, with the support of Eliza Wu, Director
of Administration and Academic Links, and Dr Cheung
Ping-kuen, Head of Liberal Arts Studies continue to
oversee the quality assurance and administration of the
To ensure the success and viability of the Programme, as
well as to improve the teaching and learning processes,
periodic curriculum reviews have been conducted in the
light of operational experience andmodifications. The new
curricula for the Chinese Traditional Theatre programme
at both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels was
implemented in 2007/2008 academic year. In September
2008, the Programme was validated and successfully
awarded by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation
of Academic and Vocational Qualifications validation
status at Level 3 (for Diploma Programme) and Level 4
(for Advanced Diploma Programme) in the Hong Kong
Qualifications Framework. Moreover, the newly-formed
Music Accompaniment major stream of study has been a
useful asset of the programme, supporting every Academy
Cantonese opera performance and outreach activity.
Part-time students in
Fan Li-hua Punishing Her Son
(photo by Cheung Chi-wai)
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