HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 7

Since inception, the Academy has produced over six
thousand graduates. They have chosen to develop a wide
portfolio of careers; and in so doing, have genuinely
formed a ‘dynamic community of practitioner-teacher-
scholars’ – a concept Professor Thompson, Academy
Director, uses to encapsulate the role of a 21st century
Academy. Our graduates are richly acclaimed in their own
special fields, gaining recognition through international
awards. They have put Hong Kong on a world cultural
map and become compelling advocates of the Academy’s
25-years of experience and far-sightedness. Whether in
music or dance, drama and stage, film or television they
have enriched Hong Kong’s cultural life immeasurably.
The Academy has developed
arts animateurs
and won
appreciative audiences of all kinds.
During the year I was pleased to join the Academy team
for two overseas cultural visits: one to Hungary led by
the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, and a second
to Shanghai and Hangzhou. These visits have not only
enriched our experience, but also provided opportunities
to initiate and strengthen staff and student exchange
programmes with internationally acknowledged arts
institutions. In addition the Academy, through its Director
and academic staff, has fostered strategic alliances with
four more leading arts academies in the United Kingdom,
Russia, and Taiwan. These links, now over 20, will provide
invaluable opportunities for enhancing the international
experience of staff and students.
On the eve of the 25th anniversary, theBrandingCommittee
has produced a must-see film showing just something
of the development of the Academy. While we prepared
to mark our 25th year of success, inclined to look back
on our achievements and forwards to Hong Kong’s
future cultural development, Council considered this the
opportune time to undertake a Position Review. This is
the Academy’s exercise in critical self-reflection and in
envisioning the next 25 years. The outcome of the
will determine the “Academy’s future role in Hong Kong’s
arts education, in particular, and cultural development in
general.” In essence, the Academy seeks to be ‘redefined’
on the basis of the Review’s recommendations in order to
assume an expanded and enhanced role, and a greater
societal position within Hong Kong. We believe that
the Academy should develop creative capital for West
Kowloon Cultural District and far beyond.
Allow me to speculate what our predecessors might have
believed to be a legacy for establishing the Academy
in 1984:
“… O, brave new world, That has such people in’t”
The Tempest
(William Shakespeare, 1611)
The Academy exists to be new but one resolutely of
the real world around us, especially to all those with a
passion to make full use of their creativity and potential.
It is indeed people who make the Academy real. Think
of Council Members guiding the Academy; the Directors
shaping it; the teachers nurturing cohorts of students
and graduates over 25 years, together giving credence
to its reputation and continuously benefitting from a
supportive government and community.
Let me end by wishing our staff, students and alumni a
happy 25th anniversary.
Professor Leung Nai-kong, Chairman of Council
Professor Leung Nai-kong, Chairman of Council
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