HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 67

Psyche Chui (Senior Lecturer in Theatre Lighting Design)
and several EDT students attended the LightingDimension
Conference (LDI 2008) held at the Las Vegas convention
center. She, together with BFA Year 2 and Professional
Diploma lighting students were engaged as the lighting
design team for the Asian Cultural Council Awards
Ceremony. During the Christmas period, Psyche Chui
was the Lighting Designer for the Hong Kong Repertory
Theatre’s production of
that opened at the City
Hall Theatre and was Lighting Consultant for
Square Show Suite
in Shanghai. She will publish a book
Theatre Glossary Norms and Explanation
together with
Professor Feng Dezhong from the Central Academy of
Drama, Beijing.
Albert Ho (Lecturer in Theatre Sound Design) conducted
several sessions of the FluteMusic Lecture Series organised
by the Cultural Presentations Section of the LCSD. He also
taught a Master’s course in Sound Design & Technology
at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Mak Kwok-fai attended the Pro Sound & Lighting
Exhibition at Frankfurt, Germany. He was Moving Light
Programmer for
Beautiful Connection
produced by Hong
Kong Repertory Theatre and
Swan Lake
produced by
Hong Kong Ballet.
Leo Cheung was the Lighting Designer for the Hong
Kong Arts Festival production of
All Bach
and for
International Ballet Gala
produced by the Hong Kong
Gillian Choa, Head of Academic Studies in Theatre and
Entertainment Arts/MFA Coordinator (TEA), attended the
Clore Leadership Symposium
hosted by the Academy and
supported by the Home Affairs Bureau, and the West
Kowloon Cultural District Open Public Forum organised
by Sir David Tang in the Academy Drama Theatre. She
also presented a seminar on Theatre Education at the
4th ATEC International Forum hosted by the Central
Academy of Drama, Beijing.
Professor Lena Lee (Head of Arts, Event & Stage
Management) and a number of her students helped to
manage the
Clore Leadership Symposium
and the highly
successful Society of the Academy for Performing Arts
fund-raising evening.
Professor Lee Wing-wing (Head of e-Education in Theatre
and Entertainment Arts) was invited by the Electronic
Music Association of China and Beijing Conservatory
of Music to present a master class at their International
Musicacoustica 2008 Festival in Beijing and undertook
his third year of academic exchange with the Shanghai
Conservatory of Music. He together with several Sound
students were invited to work in collaboration with the
Shanghai Conservatory of Music on their production
The White Lady
. An article written by Professor Lee,
Sound, Music and Emotional Response
was published in
the Entertainment Technology magazine in Beijing. He
was also invited as examiner for a viva voce, Master/
Doctorate degree student thesis presentation in the
Communication University of China and presented a
sound design workshop seminar for the Capital Normal
University, Beijing.
Costume student at work
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