HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 63

Student Activities
Design (Scenic) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Year 3
student Mak Ka-yan completed her secondment with
the Royal National Theatre in London. This is the fourth
Theatre & Entertainment Arts student to be seconded to
the National Theatre in many years. BFA Year 3 Props
student Ted Chan Kin-tak travelled to the UK for a four-
week internship at Harvey Nichols in London. He was
also flown to Edinburgh to assist in Company activities
there. Another BFA Year 3 Props student Karen Chan
Kiu-wa travelled to the Make-up and Monsters Studios in
Los Angeles for a period of internship with the Company.
As in previous years, a number of the School’s students
were involved in various capacities in productions
staged around Hong Kong and overseas. They included:
Assistant Stage Managers for various productions such as
Disney’s Mulan
produced by the Hong Kong Children’s
Musical Theatre,
Drama Competition 2008
organised by
the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies;
produced by Spring Time Production;
The Last
Bet of My Dead Aunt
produced by Chung Ying Theatre
Company; Deputy Stage Manager for
No End
by City Contemporary Dance Company.
Lighting designers for various productions:
If You Just
produced by the Hong Kong Children’s Musical
Our Memorable Era
produced by East Asia
Entertainment Limited;
Frozen Angels
produced by the
Necessary Stage shown at the National Museum Gallery
Theatre in Singapore;
produced by Trinity
Theatre; and Assistant Lighting Designer for
produced by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre.
Sound designers for
Be With Me
produced by Harmonic
Theatre; Sound operator for
produced by Fly
High Production and
Girlittle Move
produced by the
Girlittle House.
Other student work within the theatre community
included a group of Design students who worked with
the Artistic Director of Hong Kong Ballet, John Meehan,
and his educational and technical teams to develop a
show as a pilot educational project. Several students
worked as festival assistants for the
International Arts
Carnival 2008
produced by the Leisure and Cultural
Services Department (LCSD) and as Scenic Artists for
produced by Hong Kong Ballet.
Scenic Workshop
(photo by Felix Chan)
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