HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 59

Early Music
Dr Shane Levesque has joined the full-time staff in
the School of Music as Senior Lecturer in Historical
Performance Practice. The Academy has recently taken
delivery of a continuo organ to increase the range of
sounds in early music performances. Tina Chancey came
to give lessons on the bass viol to a number of different
string students, and in November the harpsichordist
Shalev Ad-El performed the six Bach sonatas for violin
and harpsichord with Benedict Cruft.
Master of Music Courses
The MMus programme continues to attract interest
with an increasing number of applicants and for the
2008/2009 academic year the total number of MMus
students increased to 24.
Junior Music Programme
The Junior Music programme continues to attract a far
larger application than can be accommodated into the
programme, and provides a general musical education
for interested school age students as well as intensive
training for particularly talented young musicians. The
intake from the Junior Programme into the Diploma
Programme is indicative of the increasing level of the
students who wish to study music full-time in Tertiary
education. Many of the highest achieving students in
the Diploma and Bachelor in Music programmes build
on a solid foundation of skills acquired on the Junior
Music Programme.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club outreach programme
Behind the Scenes
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