HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 57

Composition Department
LawKin-pong andDesmondChanYeung-ping participated
in the Darmstadt International Summer Course for
New Music in August. The Composition Department
had avant-garde flautist and composer Lars Graugaard
working with them at the beginning of October, the
German-based Chinese composer Chen Xiaoyong at the
end of October, and Australian-based composer Julian
Yu Jing-Jun in November. Richard Tsang was again the
Visiting Fellow in Composition for the first semester of
the year. In November Clarence Mak and 18 members
of the Composition Department went to Taiwan for
the start of exchange collaborations with the National
University of Arts, Taiwan National Normal University, Fu
Jen University, and the National Sun Yat Sen University
in Kaohsiung. The Composition Department also had
a visit from the faculty of composition at Sangmyung
University in Seoul in February, and Clarence Mak and
three Master in Music composition students, Julian Chan
Yuk-pan, Wyman Wat Nga-man and Steve Hui Ngo-shan
then paid a reciprocal visit to Sangmyung University.
Richard Tsang, Visiting Fellow in Composition, conducted
the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in a concert of his
music in January in City Hall. Steve Hui Ngo-shan has
been commended for his music for Zuni Icosahedron’s
Book of Ghosts
. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholar Ian
Ng Ka-chun, whose Liberation of Souls had been selected
to represent Hong Kong in the Asian Composers’ League
Festival 2009 Young Composers’ Award Competition in
Korea, was awarded the first prize in the competition. Law
Wing-fai, Composer-in-Residence, also Artistic Director
of the Chinese Music ensemble Wuji, presented new
works by our composition graduates and along with
his own work.
Chinese Music Department
Gu Guanren conducted a concert of his music with
the Academy Chinese Orchestra in December. During a
project week in March the Chinese Music Department
collaborated with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
(HKCO) and their principal conductor Yan Huichang for
students from inside and outside the Academy to take part
in conducting masterclasses with Mr Yan, with members
of the HKCO joining the Academy Chinese Orchestra to
workwith these conductors. Professor YuQiwei continues
to extend the styles of Chinese Music performed at the
Academy, with the Cantonese tradition of
becoming more familiar to the students.
Academy Concert Band with conductor Joe Kirtley
(photo by Leonard Wong)
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