HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 47

Following the successful reception of the television
commercial we made for the Social Welfare Department
on the prevention of domestic violence last year, F/TV
was again invited by Community organisation Mother’s
Choice, to produce three 30-second commercials echoing
the theme of
Prevention of Crisis Pregnancies
Campaign. All three received praise from the organisation
and were broadcasted on Roadshow TV in all buses,
trains as well as on YouTube.
Several of our alumni had remarkable achievements in the
industry. 2002 Directing student Roy Chow Hin-yeung’s
directorial debut
, produced by Bill Kong and
starring Aaron Kwok took in over HK$12 million at the
box office, making it one of the highest-grossing local
films of the year.
Gary Wong, another 2002 alumnus in Editing, edited two
documentary films for The China AIDS Media Project,
founded by Oscar-winner and F/TV Advisory Committee
Member Ruby Yang and funded by the Starr Foundation
and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The first one,
Tongzhi in Love
, won the Golden Gate Award at the
San Francisco Film Festival. This and the second film,
A Moment in Time
, premiered at the Hong Kong Asian
Film Festival 2009.
Building on the success of
The Way We Are
, which won
four HongKong FilmAwards, F/TV’s 2000 Camera alumnus
Charlie LamChi-kin collaboratedwith renownedfilmmaker
Ann Hui again on
Night and Fog
. It was chosen as the
Opening Film of Hong Kong International Film Festival.
2000 Graduate in Screenwriting Jack Ng wrote the scripts
for two actioners released in 2009,
Beast Stalker
, both directed by Dante Lam. The former starred
Nicholas Tse and Cheung Kar-fai, the latter, Richie Yam
and Edison Chan. Both were critically acclaimed.
Visiting Artists
We were delighted to welcome an abundance of
outstanding visiting artists fromboth local and international
cinema over the past year. Early in the semester, Chinese
documentary filmmaker Du Haibin conducted a two-day
workshop for Degree Year 1 students. His film,
won the Best documentary award at Venice Film Festival.
Renowned Production Designers Bill Lui, Man Lim-chung,
Yank Wong and Yee Chung-man guest lectured for the
Art Direction course.
Save my Son
in production
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