HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 43

Bill Wong, ex-Lecturer in Cinematography, returned as
Artist-in-Residence in November 2008 and March 2009 to
conduct two intensive workshops for Degree Year 2 and
3 students. The Camera & Lighting Major also enlisted
several renowned cinematographers as Instructors and
Artists-in-Residence. These includeMessrs LamChun-wan
(Gaffer for
Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Mark Lee Pingbin (
In the Mood for Love, Springtime in
a Small Town, After This, Our Exile, The Sun Also Rises
Wang Yu (
Suzhou River, The Go Master
) and Zachary
AuYeung. An interesting outcome was a series of practical
exercises in which the same scene (taken from
The Story
of Wu-Viet
, the contemporary romantic thriller classic
by Ann Hui) was repeatedly staged and shot (on both
film and digital), under the separate instruction of each
tutor, resulting in several vastly different pieces, both
stylistically and creatively.
We continue to enjoy a close relationship with the Hong
Kong Film Archive and Hong Kong International Film
Festival (HKIFF). Other than holding the Screen Worlds
course at the Archive Cinema every Friday, we also co-
presented with the Archive a special programme featuring
the celebrated CantoneseOpera playwright Tong Tik-sang
as part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival by screening his
1951 film
Blood of an Opera Actress
to all university
students at the Wellcome Theatre on 13 February 2009,
followed by an appraisal. In April, Shu Kei was one of
the speakers on the art of the cinema of Evan Yang in
a seminar organised by the Archive in conjunction with
the retrospective of Yang’s films during the HKIFF. Yang
specialised in the genre of melodrama, and was a much
underrated and overlooked director of the Cathay Studio
in the 1960s and 70s. The retrospective shed light on his
literary and filmmaking career (he was a novelist before
he turned director). Shu Kei was also a member of the
Jury for the Second Young Writers Debut Competition,
jointly organised by Sun Hung Kei Properties & Joint
Publishing Company. Seven young writers were selected
out of several hundred entries to write and publish their
first book, under the supervision and guidance of the
jurors. Earlier, in October 2008, Shu Kei was also President
of the Jury at the 15th International Film and TV Schools’
Festival (MEDIASCHOOL 2008) in Lodz, Poland.
Helen Ko, Senior Lecturer of Diploma programme was
Juror for the video contest for the 2009 Kwai Tsing
District Summer Youth Programme. Concurrent with this
competition, the School also organised two seminars
on independent filmmaking with Kwai Tsing Youth
Association at Kwai Fong’s S.P.O.T..
In accordance with the Academy’s policy to reach out to
the community, especially the younger generation, F/TV,
supported by the Performing Arts Education Centre (PAE),
organised the St Paul’s Co-educational College Student
Attachment Week for ten of the latter’s students in late
November 2008. These young guys and gals observed a
number of classes, both practical and theoretical, as well
as the Screen Worlds course, to get a taste of what life
as a filmmaking student is like. From December 2008 to
March 2009, we arranged a four-part creative filmmaking
workshop and three screening presentations, as part of a
smARTS Journey
project created by the PAE, to more than
four hundred students from twenty secondary schools.
The instructor was alumni and part-time lecturer Kiwi
Chow. A number of current F/TV students also took
part as cameramen and still photographers to record
the events. On 15 May 2009, the School further worked
with PAE on a seminar in Appreciating Films for a group
of secondary school teachers for the Education and
Manpower Bureau (EDB). Other outreach programmes
included twenty more screenings and sixteen more
workshops in association with the Jockey Club between
November 2008 and May 2009.
Cinematography Artist-in-Residence Bill Wong with students
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