HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 33

Staff Activities
Professor David Jiangwas appointed a Honorary Professor
at the University of Hong Kong. In November 2008, he
visited the Juilliard School and the Yale Drama School
in the USA, viewed classes, attended performances
and rehearsals and met with staff and students there.
He visited performing arts institutions in Shanghai and
Hangzhou with the Council Chairman, Director and other
Deans in March 2009. He was also invited to direct his
Peach Blossom Fan
for the Central Academy of Drama
in Beijing, as part of the exchange agreement between
the two academies. He found time to direct the large-
scale symphony/theatre
The Lady White
, produced by
the Shanghai Music Conservatory and Shanghai Jingju
Theatre in March and attend the Asian Theatre Education
Centre (ATEC) annual conference in Beijing in May.
Dr Peter Jordan was artistic advisor for Theatre Lab’s
production of
Killed at 17
, performed at the Macaulay
Studio Theatre in September, directed the musical
I Love
You, You’re Perfect
, Now Change for Windmill Grass
Theatre Company, in March and directed a revival of
his 2004 Academy production of
The Miser
for Chung
Ying Theatre Company, performed in the Cultural Centre
Studio Theatre in June.
Tang Shu-wing directed Gao Xing-jian’s
The Other Shore
for the School of Drama, Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, performed in October. He directed
Princess Changping
for the Hong Kong Dance Company,
performed at the Grand Theatre, Cultural Centre in March.
He ran a workshop for the Art and Cultural Education
Programme at the Baptist University. His production of
Titus Andronicus 2.0
by the Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio
was performed at City Hall Theatre in June, presented
by the LCSD Cultural Presentation Section. He also gave
talks on radio and TV programmes, at institutions and
at other cultural events during the year.
Lo Koon-lan was the adjudicator of a number of awards
including Brecht Drama Festival hosted by the LCSD in
August 2008, Drama Awards of Hong Kong Federation
of Drama Societies, Radio Hong Kong, and Hong Kong
Film Awards, and was invited to be the presenter for the
Astro Wa Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 in Malaysia. She was
also nominated as Best Supporting Actress at the Hong
Kong Drama Awards. During the year, she performed
for the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) and for the
Organisation for Oncology and Translational Research
Limited’s stage production. She was a mentor for the
Cultural Mentorship Scheme 2009 for the University of
Hong Kong. She also gave talks to various groups and
professional organisations.
Madam Qiu
(photo by Cheung Chi-wai)
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