HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 29

The School has had an extremely productive year. It
continued to make connections with the international
profession community and to strengthen links with
professional theatre locally. It also saw its first four
Directing and Playwriting students graduate with Master
of Fine Arts degrees. School development towards the
new four-year BFA continues apace, well ahead of its
introduction in 2012, while its
Introduction to Theatre Arts
course for Hong Kong Education Department’s Applied
Learning Programme (APL) entered its fourth year.
At the end of the academic year, Professor David Jiang
retired after eight years of service as Dean of Drama.
The Academy appointed Tang Shu-wing as his successor.
Productions and Projects
The School’s first Drama Theatre production was
The Visit
written by Dürrenmatt, directed by the Head of Acting,
Dr Peter Jordan, in November. This was followed by the
Studio Theatre production of
Madam Qiu
, written by
Chinese playwright Xia Yan and directed by graduating
student Joyce Chan Wing-see. In February, another
Studio Theatre production directed by graduating student
Octavian Chan Cheuk-wai, Tom Stoppard’s
, was
performed. The year’s final Studio Theatre production
Aroma in the Dust
, written by Mandu and directed
by Wu Hoi-fai. This production was commissioned by
the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and
will be performed again at Hong Kong International Arts
Carnival (IAC) in July 2009. In May, students performed
the Drama Theatre production
The Wedding
, a Japanese
play directed by guest director Hao Rong from Beijing.
The Wedding
(photo by Cheung Chi-wai)
( 張志偉攝影)
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