HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 27

Faculty members were also involved in choreographing
work for performances outside the School: Graeme Collins
(Head, Ballet), choreographed two works for the School
of Music’s production of Bizet’s
; Contemporary
Dance Artist-in-Residence Raewyn Hill choreographed
Finders Keepers
, a work inspired by life in Hong Kong,
with her company Raewyn Hill and Dancers (New
Zealand), while Yu Pik-yim (Lecturer, Chinese Dance)
received the Gold Award for Originality and Grand Prize
respectively, at the 4th Bauhinia Cup Competition 2008
for her work
Thousand Lives
Contributing to, and maintaining links with, other
institutions/organisations was also an important focus of
faculty professional activities. Dr Anita Donaldson (Dean)
was appointed an Examiner in Dance by the Hong Kong
Arts Development Council; attended the first two of the
series of
3+3+4 Symposia
sponsored by the Hong Kong
University Grants Committee; and was invited to present
the closing keynote address at the Laban International
Conference in London. Graeme Collins (Head, Ballet)
chaired the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Overseas
Studies Scholarship Selection Interview Board; and the
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Overseas Studies
Fellowships Arts and Humanities Selection Panel. Sheng
Peiqi (Head, Chinese Dance) was invited to judge the
Chinese Dance Section of the Singapore Youth Festival
2009, and to be an examiner for the Chinese Dance
Final Examination at the Beijing Dance Academy. Zhao
Minhua (Lecturer, Ballet) was invited to guest teach for
the National Ballet of China (Beijing), and the Guangzhou
Ballet Company and School; and was also invited to
attend the 2nd International Beijing Ballet Competition
for Dance Schools.
Jaime Redfern (Head, Contemporary Dance) conducted
masterclasses and created a short dance work for students
at the Taipei International American School. John Utans
(Senior Lecturer, ContemporaryDance)was invited to teach
masterclasses and workshops at the annual International
Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival in Bytom,
Poland; and to serve on the 2008 Jumping Frames Dance
Video Competition in which 65 short films from many
countries around the world were submitted.
Other notable staff activities included the attendance of
Dr Anita Donaldson, Dr Paulette Côté, Graeme Collins,
and Jaime Redfern at the
Clore Leadership Symposium
the Academy; the invitation to Dr Anita Donaldson and
John Utans to participate in
, an international
research project jointly sponsored by the Research Centre
into Creation in the Performing Arts (Middlesex University,
UK) and Beijing Dance Academy; the attendance of John
Utans as Academy representative at the
project sponsored by the Australia Council; and the
attendance of Dr Paulette Côté and Stella Lau Yin-ling
at the international Interdisciplinary and Creative Arts
Education Summit hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of
Education, and at which Dr Anita Donaldson was invited
to present a provocation on
Creativity and Context:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Of Dreams in Time and Space
(photo by Ringo Chan)
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