HKAPA Annual Report 2008-2009 - page 25

The School also welcomed a small delegation from the
Dance Department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy
in December. The visitors included Mr Ling Guiming
(Honorary Dean), Ms Zhu Meili (Head of Ballet), Mr Xing
Sang (Chinese Classical Dance Teaching and Research
Section), Mr Zhang Lin (Dance Theoretical Research
Office) and Mr Dong Jie (Choreography and Directing
-- Contemporary Dance).
External Examiners
Aswell as the above distinguished visiting artists, the School
was fortunate to have the expertise of four outstanding
External Examiners: Dr Emilyn Claid (Dartington College
of Arts -- MFA), Mr Evan Jones (Queensland University
of Technology -- Ballet), Professor Lu Yisheng (Beijing
Dance Academy -- Chinese Dance), and Ms Susan Sentler
(Laban -- Contemporary Dance).
School Advisory Committee
The School Advisory Committee continued to give
valuable support over the year, especially in respect of
the Programme Area Accreditation exercise and early
proposals for the structure of the new four-year BFA
(Honours) in Dance degree, which will come on stream
in 2012/2013. New members included Mrs Christine Liao
(Principal, Christine Liao School of Ballet), Dr Rainbow
Ho (Assistant Professor, Centre on Behavioural Health,
HKU), and Mr Daniel Yeung (independent artist). At the
same time, we were sorry to bid farewell to Mr John
Meehan (Artistic Director of Hong Kong Ballet) as a
consequence of his return to New York.
Staff Activities
Notwithstanding busy teaching schedules, the School’s
teaching faculty continued to engage in a wide variety
of professional activities.
In line with the School’s strategic priorities of dance
science and digital technologies, Vanessa Cheung Sau-
mui (Lecturer, Academic Studies in Dance) attended the
18th Annual Meeting of the International Association
for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) in Cleveland,
USA in October, while Wendy Chu Mang-ching (Lecturer,
Academic Studies in Dance) attended the
Live-I Workshop:
Composition for Media and the Stage
at the 3LD Art &
Technology Center in New York in June. Another of the
School’s priorities -- the scholarship of teaching -- saw
a number of faculty participating in teaching-oriented
summer schools over the vacation period: Cho Yi
(Lecturer, Contemporary Dance) attended the Summer
Dance Intensive Programme at NewYork University, Stella
Lau Yin-ling (Lecturer, Ballet) attended the two-week
Move to Dance 2008
teaching seminar at the National
Ballet School of Canada in Toronto, while Mandy Petty
(Lecturer, Theatre Dance) attended the New York City
Tap Festival 2008.
Rekindling Love
(photo by Cai Ying)
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