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Academy Chinese Opera: Gongs and Drums

Academy Chinese Opera: Gongs and Drums

Chinese Opera

01 June - 31 July 202119:30

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : $45 - $90

School / Department : School of Chinese Opera

Category : Academy Events Language : Performance in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles

The School of Chinese Opera is delighted to present three Cantonese opera excerpts of contrasting styles and performance techniques in Gongs and Drums. The famous Chinese love tragedy 'Wailing at the Tomb and Transformation into Butterflies' from The Butterfly Lovers touches the audience with its beautiful tunes and despairing drama. Adapted from the Chinese classic novel Water Margin, Killing Yan Xijiao in Wulong Mansion illustrates the compelling story of Song Jiang killing his wife Yan Xijiao in fury. The renowned Hong Kong Cantonese opera artist, Wan Fai-yin, is invited to be the guest director of 'Punishing the Son' and 'Battle' from Beauty in Disguise, a stylised Hong Kong Cantonese opera. In the Gongs and Drums performance series, students from the Music and Performance Streams of the School, as well as the production team from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts combine to bring the audience an enjoyable evening.



‘Wailing at the Tomb and Transformation into Butterflies’ from The Butterfly Lovers (Director: Ying Kam-sha)

Killing Yan Xijiao in Wulong Mansion (Director: Hong Hai)

‘Punishing the Son” and ‘Battle’ From Beauty in Disguise (Guest Director: Wan Fai-yin (Visiting Artist); Rehearsal Directors: April Chow, Liu Li)


Main Cast: Chan Nga-yin, Cheng Nga-lui, Cheung Mei-fung, Deng Huishu, Ho Cheuk-ying, Ho Hei-man, Lam Pui-ka Kali, Leung Fei-tung, Leung Kwan-yin, Liang Xiaofei, Liang Zhenwen, Luo Yan, Ng Man-ting

Set Designer: Shirley Ng Wun-man

Lighting Designer: Lai Ka-ki

Sound Designer: Jaycee Kwok Yu-kit

Production Manager: Carmen Kwai Ka-man


Performed and accompanied by the students of the Performance Stream and the Music Stream of the Academy’s School of Chinese Opera. Members of the production team are students and faculty from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts.



This production is suitable for audience aged 6 or above.