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About Us

Welcome to the Language Unit (formerly the Department of Languages).

The role of the Language Unit is to help students develop English and Chinese language proficiency both in general and professional usage, and our mission is to provide quality language teaching and learning experiences for our students.

Since 2018, the language courses have undergone extensive restructuring and redevelopment, with a view to offering our students a coherent language learning experience through discipline-related contents to enhance disciplinary literacy.

All language courses are taught by highly qualified and professional staff with expertise in language teaching at university level. All diploma and degree students are required to take a minimum of 8 credits of language courses*.

In addition to the formal curriculum, we also provide students with language learning resources and a range of out-of-class learning opportunities such as one-on-one consultations, language-related workshops and theme-based workshops, to further enrich students’ language learning experiences, all of which contributes to the end goal of turning the learners into effective users of language in general, cultural and academic settings as well as in the performing arts industry.

At the moment, we are liaising with the Schools for cross-collaboration in order to provide quality language teaching and learning tailored to students’ own disciplines.

We hope you find our courses useful and engaging. Explore our website to learn more about the passion and vision of our teaching team!

Please contact us for further enquiries.

* *Degree students with recognised academic qualifications are eligible to apply for exemption from common core language courses. For details, please refer to the notice from the Academic Services Office.