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Introduction to Cantonese Opera


In Introduction to Cantonese Opera, student-centered learning and teaching activities are designed to enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts and develop their generic skills.


Students can acquire an understanding of the workplace requirements, and develop their self-care, interpersonal skills and adaptability through learning-by-practising opportunities in an authentic or near-authentic environment.

The course also addresses their career aspirations in Cantonese Opera, inspiring them to continue their study in same or related field, and develop their interest in life-long learning.

Moreover, the element and content of Cantonese Opera are correlated with Chinese Culture, Chinese Literature and Music. Through the course, students can enhance their knowledge of the captioned subjects and further develop their aesthetic appreciation skill.

Upon completion of the subject, students should be able to:

  1. apply the basic performance technique of Cantonese opera performance including singing, speech, acting and fencing and understand its underlying principles;
  2. cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem through self-expression in the Cantonese opera rehearsal process;
  3.  analyse different characters and their characteristics in singing and speech through performing and appreciating Cantonese opera repertoires to demonstrate analytical skills, critical responses and thinking skills;
  4. describe Cantonese opera from historical, cultural, literary and personal perspectives;
  5. develop interpersonal skills and team building skills upon acquiring organisation skills and communication skills in group activities;
  6. understand the workplace requirements and demonstrate positive value, professional attitude and work ethics through Cantonese opera activities, including front-stage and backstage practices; and
  7. develop self-understanding for further studies and career development in the related field.



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