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Executive Commitee

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Alumni Association Executive Committee 2019-2021


May Fu - Honorary Chairman 1988 & 1990 Drama (Directing)
Anthony Wong - Honorary Chairman 1988 Drama (Acting)
Sunny Chan - Chairman 2000 Film & TV (Screenwriting)

Xavier Yu - Vice-Chairman (External Affairs)




Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
(Sound Design & Music Recording)

Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
(Arts and Event Management)

Joyce Cheung - Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)



Drama (Acting)

Drama (Directing)

Virginia Kam - Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)

1991, 1992 & 1995

Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
(Theatre Lighting)

Wu Chun-him - Secretary (External Affairs) 2008 Drama (Acting)
Ken Chow - Secretary (Internal Affairs) 2010 Film & TV (Screenwriting)
Cecilia Ng - Treasurer 1996 Drama (Acting)
Eric Chan 1989 Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
Psyche Chui 1989 Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
(Theatre Lighting)
Jason Kong 2018 Chinese Opera
(Cantonese Opera Music)
Ku Cheuk-ming 2009 Theatre & Entertainment Arts 
(Stage & Technical Management)
Max Lee 2003 Dance (Musical Theatre Dance)
Man Uen-ching 2013 Film & TV (Directing)
David Quah 1993 Music (Voice)
Janet Wong 2005 Chinese Opera (Cantonese Opera)
Stephen Xavier 1990 Dance (Ballet)

May Fu - Honorary Chairman & Executive Committee Member

May Fu was the first class of graduates of the School of Drama in 1988, majoring in Directing. After graduation she returned to the Academy and studied her Advanced Diploma, graduated with high distinction. She then taught in the Academy since 1993, and was then invited by the Macao Conservatory as Artistic Consultant in School of Theatre for 7 years. She rejoined the Academy again from 2012 to 2014 to teach and also as the Artist-in-Residence (Acting). She is now the Arts Advisor in Drama sector in Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Director of 7A Drama Group and Jumbokids Theatre. 

Anthony Wong - Honorary Chairman

Anthony studied in the School of Drama since 1985, majoring in Acting and was the first batch of the School of Drama graduates. After graduation, he has been actively involved in Film and TV industry, and has been awarded the Best Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards for three times. Anthony was awarded the Academy Fellowship in 2004. He has founded the Dionysus Contemporary Theatre in 2013, and has dedicated to use what he has learned to contribute to theatre and training. Anthony was the Chairman of the Alumni Association from 2010 to 2014. Under his leadership, the Association has conducted various activities and fund-raising events, and has turned from loss to profit. 

Sunny Chan - Chairman

Sunny graduated in the Academy's BFA programme in the School of Film & Television in 2000, majoring in screenwriting. He also obtained his MA degree in Chinese Literature in Lingnan University in 2012.  He is a film director and scriptwriter. He is now the Lecturer (Screenwriting and Creative Development) of the School of Film and Television of the Academy. 

Xavier Yu - Vice Chairman (External Affairs)

Xavier graduated in 1992 majoring in Music Recording and Sound Design. In 2012, he obtained his MFA degree in Art and Event Management programme.  Xavier has been working in Radio Television Hong Kong and some record companies and has worked in various entertainment programme. He has worked as a director, technical consultant, video creator, programme and recorder producer and programme presenter, etc. He is also a lyricist and scriptwriter. Xavier has been invited to take part in many large-scale productions overseas and also in Mainland China. He has produced and directed over 1000 productions. He is now the Director of a production company.

Joyce Cheung - Vice Chairman (Internal Affairs) 

Joyce first graduated in the Diploma programme in the School of Drama in 1992, majoring in acting. Then she obtained her BFA degree with first class honour in 2007, majoring in Directing. In 2009, she obtained her MA degree in Comparative and Public History of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Joyce has been active in radio, film, stage and publishing areas. In 2013, she founded Dionysus Contemporary Theatre with Anthony Wong and Olivia Yan, and is now the Administration Director. She is also the Production Director and Chief Editor in SCHOOLMATES.CC LTD., and has also worked as producers in various stage productions. 

Virginia Kam - Vice Chairman (Internal Affairs)

Virginia is a graduate of the Academy and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hon) degree in Theatre Lighting Design. She was awarded five scholarships and Best Student Lighting Design during her study in the Academy; in year 2000 she was awarded the Best Lighting Design for “My Murder Story” by HK Federation of Drama Societies. Virginia is also an experienced production manager, she was Production Manager for the Hong Kong Arts Festival from 1997 to 2000 and also most of the professional companies in Hong Kong. Virginia also actively participates in theatre professional organizations; she is the Founder Chairman and is now the Treasurer of School of Technical and Entertainment Art Alumni Association, Treasurer of HK Association of Theatre Technicians and Scenographers.

Wu Chun-him - Secretary (External Affairs)

Wu Chun-him graduated from the School of Drama, majoring in Acting in 2008. After graduation, he worked freelance in various performances. He is now the Assistant Drama Tutor (AM School) in Ho Lap Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen). He is also the Drama teacher in other secondary and primary schools. Wu is the Artistic Director of BHT Theatre.

Ken Chow - Secretary (Internal Affairs)

Ken obtained his BFA degree in the School of Film & Television in 2010, majoring in screenwriting. He has been working in TVB, ATV and HKTV as copywriter and script writer. He is now a senior script writer in The Hong Kong Jockey Club Broadcasting Services Department.

Cecilia Ng - Treasurer

Cecilia graduated in the Academy's School of Drama with First Class Honor in 1996, majoring in Acting. She then studied her Master programme, majoring in Voice Studies in National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney, Australia) in 2007. Cecilia is now freelance theatre performer, acting and vocal coach.

Eric Chan - Executive Committee Member


Eric graduated from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts in 1989, majoring in Design. He has worked as a stage designer for various local renowned performing groups. He has also taken part in various design and production projects for shopping malls, theme parks and museums. He is now the Director of Artech Design and Productions Co. Ltd. 

Psyche Chui - Executive Committee Member

Psyche graduated in the Academy in 1989, majoring in theatre lighting design. She then furthered her studies in Yale University and Indiana University. Psyche has been working wholeheartedly in education of lighting, and has accepted invitations as visiting professor lecturing at the Theatre Academy of Finland, Helsinki and also the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She is now the Senior Lecturer (Theatre Lighting Design) in the Academy.

Jason Kong - Executive Committee Member


Jason graduated from the School of Chinese Opera in 2018, majoring in Cantonese Opera Music. He started traditional Chinese Opera training from the age of nine. He focuses on research and practice on applied theatre, and body-mind and arts in education and cultural studies. He received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Young Artist (Chinese Opera) in 2012. He graduated from the first Chinese Theatre Association National Youth Opera Composer Programme (Class A). He is now a theatre playwright, composer, director, actor and musician.

Ku Cheuk-ming - Executive Committee Member


Ku Cheuk-ming graduated from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts in 2009, majoring in Stage & Technical Management with First Class Honor. He was a theatre technician of the Academy and is now a carpenter in the School of Theatre and Entertaiment Arts.  

Max Lee - Executive Committee Member


Max graduated from the Academy's School of Dance and London Contemporary Dance School. He is a choreographer, director, dancer, actor and stage video designer. Over the years, he has participated in various large-scale productions of contemporary dance, musicals and stage performance. He founded Room 9 Dance Theatre in 2010 and produced the cross media dance work Room 9 in the same year.

Man Uen-ching - Executive Committee Member


Man Uen-ching graduated from the School of Film & Television in 2013, majoring in Directing. After graduation, she has been working as a script supervisor and other positions in the film directing team. She is now a film assistant director and scriptwriter.

David Quah - Executive Committee Member


David graduated from the School of Music in 1993, majoring in Voice. Winner of the coveted Marianne Mathy Australian Singing Competition, Malaysian born David made his professional debut singing "Don Ottavio" in Mozart's Don Giovanni with Opera Queensland. He came back to Hong Kong in 2000 and started teaching singing and coaching at the Academy. He has been the music composer and arranger for various concerts and artists. He was also a concert producer for ‘Musical Moments’ and ‘Classical Moments’ series. David is the Founder and Art Director of Bel Canto Singers Foundation Limited. 

Janet Wong - Executive Committee Member


Janet graduated in 2005 from the Academy’s Advanced Certificate Programme (Cantonese Opera), where she specialised in dan (female) roles and studied under musician Ng Lut-kwong. Since then she has performed with various Cantonese opera troupes, and also established her own troupe. In 2011, Janet became a resident actor in the Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe. In 2014, she won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organised by the West Kowloon, as well as the Award for Young Artist (Xiqu) presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2018, she joined Tea House Theatre at West Kowloon Xiqu Center and is now its music arranger.

Stephen Xavier - Executive Committee Member

Stephen graduated from the Academy in 1990, majoring in Ballet. In the same year, he joined the Hong Kong Ballet. In 1995, he was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Dance Fund Scholarship to study at the Royal Ballet School in London. He is the Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Ballet Group now.