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Academic Board

Composition and Membership 

Chairman (Ex-officio)

Director Professor Adrian Walter

Ex-officio Members

Deputy Director (Academic) Professor Gillian Choa
Deputy Director (Administration) Professor Philip Wong
Deans of the School Mr Martin Lau (CO)
  Ms Anna CY Chan (D)
  Professor Poon Wai-sum (Dr)
  Mr Geoffrey Stitt (F/TV)
  Professor Sharon Choa (M)
  Mr Yuen Cheuk-wa (TEA), AssocDn(TEA)&H(MDe&T) *
Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning Dr Michael Li
Head of Performing Arts Research Dr Phoebe Chan
Head of Postgraduate Studies Dr Stephen Cheung
Head of Centre for Complementary Studies Mr Alexander Hui, Atg H(CCS) 
Librarian Ms Lisa Kwan
Head of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research Unit Dr Forrest Chan
Head of iHub Dr Peter Duffy
Head of Student Affairs Ms Violet Lau
Head of Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Ms Perrie Lai
Head of Global Affairs Ms Pauline Chan

Staff Members

Three academic staff representatives nominated by the Schools and Centre for Complementary Studies Professor Sheng Pei-qi 
Dr Monica Chen
Mr Buck Ng

Student Members

One undergraduate student representative Mr Leung Yuk Sing or Mr Chung Pak Long
One postgraduate student representative Mr Law Ho Pong Steven

Ex-officio Member & Secretary

Registrar Ms Susanna Lee

Assistant  Secretary

Quality Assurance Manager (Registry) Mr Steven Fung


Head of Academic Services Ms Lilian Yuen


* Mr Yuen Cheuk-wa is the representative from the School of TEA until the Interim Dean of School of TEA reports duty.

December 2019