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Other PaR Sites

Practice as Research in Performance: 2001-2006 (PARIP) – Documents a five-year project that explored some of the key creative and academic issues emerging out of doing Practice-as-Research

Society for Artistic Research – A society that disseminates artistic research including through its journal JAR 

Practice-Research – RMIT site from the Schools of Architecture and Urban Design that has a range of research and educational resources on doing Practice-Research 

The Experimental Research Network – Based on a research project looking at creative experimentation of research methods, particularly through arts practice. It has a strong focus on documentation. 

Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University – This centre provides documentation, analysis and dissemination of artistic research, specifically in dance but also has a strong focus on interdisciplinarity

Free Access Online Journals

JARJournal for Artistic Research

PARtakeThe Journal of Performance as Research

Artist-researchers and interdisciplinary

J. R. Carpenter is a performer, artist and researcher whose work covers performance writing, digital literature and media archeology. 

Simon Ellis is a choreographer, Practice-as-Researcher and blogger. 

Michael Gallagher’s work centres round sound, geography, politics, education and research.