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HKAPA Staging BU21 by Stuart Slade — Six interweaving stories in the aftermath of a terrorist outrage

23 October 2019 Category : Drama



The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) will be presenting BU21 from 18 to 23 November 2019 at the Academy Studio Theatre. Written by British playwright Stuart Slade, BU21 is a verbatim theatre with its plot set in the near future – 22 July 2020, a day of bloodshed and strewn bodies, when a passenger plane is shot down by a missile in a terrorist attack. Through interweaving monologues and by turns terrifying, inspiring, brutal, heartbreaking and hilarious, BU21 depicts a post-attack world in which survivors from diverse backgrounds cross paths with one another. Following their story telling, the audience is taken to imagine and relive how people react to grief and loss differently.


The production is directed by the Academy’s School of Drama Senior Lecturer Terence Chang, with Drama students as the cast. Members of the production team are students and faculty from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of the Academy, who are in charge of the design and production of the stage set, costume, lighting, sound and props. The set design plays with plane debris and elements from the lines to mimic a chaotic and demolished post-attack environment; whereas the sound and lighting design aim to be virtually realistic, allowing audiences to feel the actors’ sharing in the most authentic manner.


“The play advances gradually from ‘monologues’ to ‘dialogues’, this is definitely something I consider challenging for actors to handle in terms of rhythm and presentation, it is at the same time a good theatre practice for students. Another note-worthy point about this play is its relevance to today’s society, despite being an imagined story that takes place in the future. The anger, the despair, the coming-to-terms with reality often seen in the young generation…are all well-depicted in the play,” says Chang.


BU21 by Stuart Slade

Drama in Cantonese

This production contains foul language. For audience aged 12 or above.


Playwright: Stuart Slade

Director: Terence Chang (Senior lecturer of the School of Drama, HKAPA)

Translator: Chung Yin-sze

Set Designer#: Sarah Chua Jia-xin

Costume Designer#: Tracy Giu Yuen-man

Lighting Designer#: Tang Ho-yin

Sound Designer#: Lee Wan-chun

Production Manager#: Fong Ho-yin

Cast*: Lau Wai-yiu, Lee Sum-yu, Tse Tsz-kwan, Kwong Sug-ying, Lam Wai-ting, Wong Cho-hin 


#Student of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts 

*Student of the School of Drama

Date: 18 - 23.11.2019 | 7:45pm  23.11.2019 | 2:45pm

Venue: Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Ticket Price: $50-$95




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